Cleaner Better
Gane Fuel

A pathway to a cleaner, carbon neutral future for industry

The diesel engine is a mainstay of commerce and industry worldwide

It powers our trucks, ships, trains, tractors, generators, construction and mining equipment and more

Known for its reliability, efficiency and torque, the diesel engine moves a large part of the world’s goods

Environmental and health concerns are driving ever increasing restrictions on the use of diesel

How can companies adapt to this challenge?

More than 1 billion tonnes of diesel is used each year by commerce and industry.

How will industry leaders reduce reliance on diesel when so much of the underlying infrastructure upon which they rely centres on the diesel engine and the handling and storage of liquid fuels?

(Di-Methyl Ether)
Methanol Water Additive Mixture

Made from natural gas or renewables, or a blend of both

Gane Fuel provides a solution

Gane Fuel is a liquid fuel.

It can be used in multiple compression ignition engines via retro-fit.

It is an extremely low sulphur fuel which has a very low NOx and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions as compared to diesel.

It can be competitively priced against diesel.

It is patented in over 50 territories around the world.

And Gane Fuel provides a clear pathway to a clean, carbon neutral future.


Alternative fuels

Companies around the world are looking for clean, low-CO2 fuels as alternatives to diesel – to fuel their ships, to move their goods, and to power their operations.

Batteries, hydrogen, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) are all choices which can work in some industrial applications. The critical question is how these options stack up against Gane Fuel across key operating considerations – safety, supply chain, cost, energy density, ease of handling and the ability to store in bulk.


Commencing commercialisation through licensing

An independent test program of Gane Fuel is being finalised in Germany by a major European engine test firm. Results will be available soon.